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Friday, June 17, 2005

Mac Software -What You Need for free or at Small Cost

Even though you mac comes with a whole bunch of applications that you can use to set up your web pages and servers, there are a few programs that help. And, since we really like free or nearly free stuff, we shall talk a smidge about some programs that will make your life easier and does not cost a whole lot.

The first thing you might need is an image manipulation program that does what Photoshop does. There are a few applications out there that are free, but the cream of the crop is a shareware program that is not crippleware (crippleware is software that won't let you save or do some of the better things it does until you pay the shareware fee). That program is GraphicConverter X. It is Shareware, but it also works without registering. This way you can use it to see if it is what you want - then pay the registration fee to Lemke - the creator. I have used GraphicConverter for years and years since the early - mid 1990's. The latest version is fast and full of a sorts of image manipulation programs. It is worth the money.

HTML Editor - there are plenty of HTML editors out there that are free or nearly free, but you have AppleWorks that will do it for you - You also have an app that comes with mac that you can write basic html code on - it is called TextEdit, and it fits our pocketbook - free with your mac. I use Appleworks, TextEdit and (i m a lawyer) Word. I would recommend that you download the full version of netscape if you want a free html page creator. To learn how other pages are created using html, go to a website in your free web browser that came with your computer -Safari. When you go to a page you like - click on the view source menu item under View in the menu bar and you can see how they did it. Or you can just highlight it and "borrow" some of the html code. That is how everyone else did it to learn - why reinvent the wheel. Just don't use their basic layout - it would be copyright infringement. The html codes are yours for the using, though.

The best wa yto learn html codes is to go to W3Schools!, a website that is geared to training you how to write proper html tags and code. THey have a tutorial and examples you can cut and paste, and even an interactive tutorial that lets you try out code to see how it looks. A good site.

Next on the agenda is an FTP program - I like Fetch, but they only have a limited time demo now - you have to pay to registration fee to keep using it. I still think it is the best mac fetch program out there. There are others, but hte freeware ftp programs are buggy. This is one application you will have to pay for. You will use it to place files to and from an ftp server - yours! Actually, you can do all that without an ftp client program, but you need to see if people can upload, oor download using your ftp server - Fetch, I know works well with the ftpservers for macs. Got it? - Good.

Now all you need is the servers. next time - servers you already own.

Rural, out!


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