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Friday, June 17, 2005

Mac Software - Just The Basics, Ma'am!

Software is important, but remember, your basic, out-of-the-mac has almost everything you need to create and maintain a server - whether its a mail server, an ftp server, a web server, a file server, or a unix server - how about FreeBSD and Apache servers - these are already in your computer, or on your startup disks. I have Mac OS X 10.3.9, commonly called Panther I recommend you upgrade any earlier version of Mac OS X to at least 10.3.9. If you buy the OS X from the store (on the internet, of course), it is likely 10.3.1 - Your computer will run a program called software update and it will tell you what you need to download from apple to bring your computer up to snuff - or you can bite the bullet and buy Mac OS X 10.4 called Tiger. Cost right now for the 10.3 system (Panther) - about $39.00; Tiger 10.4 will set you back $129.00 and you will still have to download the new updates as soon as you install it. Have you ever tried to download 100 MBs on a dialup connection? SLOOOWWWW!!. I did not upgrade to the new tiger; I just downloaded the 100 or so MEGS from apple over a period of nights and, viola! My iBook is fully 10.3.9 upgraded - except for the three security upgrades that apple tells me I need to install. Maybe later, eh?!? That's Canadian for "Yeah, right!", and no, I am not Canadian; I am 100 percent Texan born and bred. Nothing against our friends to the north - I just ain't one of them!. Ahem Back to the topic.

YOu also have in your mac out of the box Appleworks - a program that can do a database, a spreadsheet, Draw, Paint, and is also a text program similar to Microsoft Word, only way cheaper - it's free with your mac! You can also do PDF documents, both reading and making them. It is built in to the system. You have a calander program, a mail application, itunes, iphoto, idvd, imovie, etc. These programs are good for bringing in and manipulating graphics, sound, photos, digital video for putting on the web - that is the point of having this blog - web stuff and servers.

So, to review - in the basic mac, you have almost everything you will need to get up and running for web content creation, publishing, and serving. Next post will be about what extra software you might need or want for free or very little cost.

Rural, out!


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