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Friday, June 17, 2005

Mac Servers You already have - you just din't know it!

Servers you want? Servers you got! Inside every mac that ships with OS 10.3.X are servers. And, if you bought the OS X 10.3 Panther you just have to install it from your Xcode Tools Disk - that is the one that you did not install.

When you go to the sharing preferences panel and turn on sharing - personal Web sharing - what you are really doing is starting the Apache server, a unix based server that all the major companies use. You already know about Apache - that is the server that gives you the site not found page or file 404 or 403 page when you go to a website that is no longer good. See? it always has that little line under it that reads "Apache Server V. 1.3.1....." You have that in your computer and all you need to turn it on is flip a couple switches in your systems preferences file.. Now go to your Home directory or folder -the one named after you automatically. You should have a folder called "Sites". That is you personal web page you can put up for other people on your mac network. You also have in your Macintosh HD in the Library Folder, a folder called "WebServer" - tht is yur apache webserver site folder - just drag all your web site files, folders, jpgs, etc. into the folder and your site is almost ready for prime time. Anybody can come to your "web Site" as long as you are on the internet and as long as you give your friends the exact url such as : But that is awkward. there is an elegant way to do it. We will cover it later on.

In the same preference pane where you turned on your Personal Web Sharing, are several more servers - the ftp server and the Apple File Server - called Personal File sharing. Any other mac on your network can use the AFPserver to get and receive files. This is great if you have more than one computer in the house. turn it on and it works - all you need to do is set the permissions on your files and folders to keep the children out of those sensitive "business records" otherwise known as your porn collectiion.

Do the same for your ftp server in the same pane and yuou have an instant ftp server -It even tells you the url to give out to people. It works, but there is a better way to run an FTPserver - more on that later.

Okay, you got a webserver, an ftpserver, an AFPserver. whatis left? How about a mailserver - you know, let people have their own email accounts and send and receive email without having to pay for email accounts. For that, you need to open the mail application - that postage-stamp with the flying eagle on it - that is it. You just have to set it up in the preferences. More on that later - and there is a better way.

See, I told you you had all the servers for free right there in your little ole mac, imac, ibook, powebook, emac, laptop, whatever - if it is a mac running Mac OS X then you have the servers. Next post will be about AFPservers.

Rural, out!


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