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my How-to quest to set up a rural dialup server on an ibook g3.

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Details, Details! It's all in the details - My quest

I decided to setup a server at my home using my old ibook g3 (blueberry) When I can find a good deal on a tower g4 or imac g4, I will upgrade. This is my uest to set up the servers using nothing but basic equipment, free or nearly free software, and minimal modem setup using good ole POTS (landline dialup phone line). I live in East Texas and cannot get DSL, ADSL, any form of broadband, no cable and satellite is out due to costs. The phone companies tell me I am just too far from a switching station to get dSL, etc. I live 6 miles from the nearest small town and 15 miles from the nearest bigger small town. I am on the fringe of cell phone reception from the nearest tower, and I lose signal strength unless I go outside on the porch or down to the end of the driveway to make my calls. See what I am up against? it sucks, but there are workarounds for the rural poweruser wannabe. Take heart! The next post will show you my setup and computers - all macs, of course.

Rural, out!


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