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Saturday, June 18, 2005

AFSserver: The Apple File Share Server - It is Ready

Let's say you have five computers in your home - your good ole laptop, the main tower computer in your home office, the general imac in the den, the iBook your son uses for school, and the laptop your wife has from work (a Wintel type PeeCee because that is what they use at work). You have your Airport Base Station set up and sending wireless signals (next ime we will talk about the Airport base Station), and you decide you want to keep all the files you don't need all the time on the big tower mac you have in your home office. You can also back up all your data from your various computers. Once you have the Airport Base Station set up, and the airport wireless cards in the computers (the PeeCee can also connect to the internet via the wireless network - the airport works with the dark side, too), you can set up the AFSserver. It is fairly easy to do.

Step one. Go to the sharing preference pane in the system preference.

Step Two. turn on the Personal file sharing by checkmarking the personal file sharing choice in the window on the left - then click on the big Button that says START on the right - down below, under all these choices a line of text will tell you other computers on your network can find and access you server - "Other Macintosh users can access your computer at afp:// or browse for "iBook G4" by choosing Network from the Go menu in the Finder." This is what my computer says for this. I assigned this computer the name:IBook G4 in the top of the same sharing preferences pane. You can name your computer anything - in this example, we will call the home office tower mac "Tower of Power". You can also let Windows users (remember your wife has a PC that can't connect), connect to your server by checkmarking the the Windows sharing selection - and wham! Another server called an SMB/CIFS servers is up and running on your computer. This also allows windows users to utilize the shared printers on the mac network. (later on, folks I will get to the printers)

Once it is on and named, other computers on you net can connect to it and upload and download files. If they have a userid and permissions set up to let them. You did make user accounts for everybody, didn't you. Oh, you didn't? No problem!

In your System Preferences click on the Accounts tab and make them accounts with limited access. This way you control which files and folders other people can access. Assign them accounts exactly like the ones on their computer - if Mary is maryB with a password of Snoop on her iMac, then that is what you create on your computer. Be sure to uncheck the administrator privileges under the security tab in the accounts setup. Now, set up folders owned by them using the get info (command i keyboard shortcut while the folder or file is selected). That's it, in a nutshell. You have now got a file server and and windows file server up and running on the same computer, Tower of Power.Wasn't that pretty easy?

To recap, you have set up an Apache web server, an AFSserver, an ftp server, and an SMB/CIFS server for windows. Pretty good, ain't it! It is way cool. Next post is - the mail server - SMTP, IMAP and POP servers and how to do the easy way for the cheapest cost -free or nearly free!


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